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Regularities of light diffusion in the composite material pentaerythriol tetranirate - nickel


The solution of the radiative transfer equation in the layer of a diffusing medium with Frenel fronts was observed by the example of light transfer in a dielectric medium containing nickel nanoparticles. The method of spherical harmonics was used. A scattering indicatrix was calculated for 532 nm light for 140 nm nickel nanoparticles in a pentaerythriol tetranitrate matrix. The angular distribution of illumination on the sample’s fronts was calculated for reflected and transmitted light. The maximum of the scattering indicatrix is observed for the diffusion in the opposite direction. The minimum of the illumination on the front in direction of the sample’s bulk is a result of using the Frenel’s boundary conditions and the asymmetric property of the scattering indicatrix of the nickel nanoparticles. The possibility of using of the composites explosives – nickel nanoparticles as a cap of the optical detonator is considered.

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