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Spectral resonant properties of reflected light for metal dielectric subwavelength gratings in visible regions Резонансные свойства света, отраженного от металлодиэлектрических субволновых решеток в видимых областях спектра


A metal-dielectric grating consists of alternating metal and dielectric materials with period less than single wavelength of visible radiations. Optical behaviors of reflection spectra of this grating for s-polarized and p-polarized incident white light are studied systematically. For reflected light, it is the p-polarized light rather than s-polarization shows unusual optical behaviors with characteristics of single-peak spectra, higher peak efficiencies of higher than 75% and lower off-resonant efficiencies. The spectral width of  p-polarized  light  with  desirable  frequency-selective  functions  is  much  wider.  There exist two resonant areas for p-polarizations extending toward each other as filling factors increase,  and  positions  of  the  resonances  are  mainly  determined  by  grating  periods existing linear relationships between them. For making positions of resonances occur in visible wavelengths, filling factors and grating periods should be respectively designed between 0.5 and 0.6 and between 0.25 and 0.45 mm. The newly observed properties of p-polarized lights can be used to exploit novel devices for reflection applications in the fields of optical securities and color filters.

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