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Localized states and storage of optical information under the qubit-light interaction in micro-size cavity arrays


We suggest the model of lattice low branch (LB) polaritons based on the array of weakly coupled microsize cavities, each containing a small but macroscopic number of two-level systems (qubits). We reveal various dynamical regimes, such as diffusive, self-trapped, breathing and solitonic for polariton wave packet propagation under tight-binding approximation. We focus our attention on the bright polariton soliton formation in a high quality cavity array emerging due to two-body polariton-polariton scattering processes that take place at each cavity under the qubit-light interaction. A physical algorithm for the spatially distributed storage of optical information where various dynamical LB polariton soliton states are used is proposed. This algorithm can be realized with the help of manipulating group velocity of a polariton soliton in the cavity array and obtained by smooth variation of qubit-light detuning.

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