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The modelling of the shear strength of nanotubes based nanocomposites is considered. To model the shear strength of nanocomposites it is assumed that the zone of the adhesive interaction between nanotubes and a polymeric matrix is a thin interface layer which has resistance only in the relation to action of shear stresses and has the given curve of deformation. The stress state of nanotubes and a polymeric matrix is determined in the assumption, that the nanotube is a cylindrical fibril with the straight axis, embedded in a infinite polymeric matrix and the displacement along the axis of the nanotube under the action of the external loading along this direction are much more than others components of the nanotube and matrix displacements. The analytical solutions for the axial displacement and normal stress in the nanotubes and the shear stresses in the interface layer for a case of the bilinear deformation curve of an intermediate layer with elastic and hardening or softening branches are obtained. 

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